Why might I need a second Outdoor Unit (ODU)?

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Having a second ODU provides a second path to the internet. Your SimRush will load balance between the two connection paths, giving you the opportunity to push more data through the connection.

It will not make the connection faster.


The difference between having one ODU and having multiple ODUs can be likened to the difference between a single track road and a motorway.

One ODU means a single connection which all traffic flows through, just like on a single track road. Traffic can get held up if there is a problem. Whereas, multiple ODUs provide more paths for traffic to flow through. Traffic can be shared across all the paths, giving you increased network resilience.

If coverage is available to you, you can also have a data SIM from different network providers (e.g. EE, Vodafone, or O2) for each ODU. For example, in one ODU you could have an EE SIM and in the other you could have a Vodafone SIM. This means in the event that one of these network providers has an outage, your second ODU (on an alternative network) will act as a failover option to keep you online.

Higher data allowance:

Having an additional data SIM in the second ODU can effectively double your data allowance, giving you peace of mind that your data won’t run out.

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