Why does my business need failover?

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If keeping your business online is essential, then failover is essential too. Think about all the systems used in your business that require an internet connection. Things like cloud computing systems, VPN’s, firewalls, video conferencing, research, communicating with your customers via email or VoIP. Maybe you need to use a credit card machine such as iZettle or an EPOS system? Even printing requires an internet connection nowadays.

An internet failover solution for your businesses will enable you to stay online and use all these services even when your primary internet connection fails. If your primary internet connection experiences downtime, it could cost your business thousands of pounds. Not to mention the time spent apologizing to customers afterwards.

As SimRush has a superfast 4G LTE / 5G NR connection that is non-cabled, it is the perfect failover option for businesses that use wired connections as their primary method of connectivity.

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