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  • Your broadband is slow: The premises you operate from, whether it be business or home, simply cannot get great speeds via fixed line, wireless or satellite.
  •  You can’t get broadband: The location you’re in doesn’t have a phone line for fixed line broadband or it’s inaccessible for wireless.
  • You need superfast failover connection: You need back up connectivity with a carrier-independent Static Public IP, that is faster and more cost-effective than ADSL, wireless or satellite and is completely independent of any civil infrastructure or BT exchange.
  • You need temporary broadband: You need pop-up broadband for a temporary workplace, retail space, event or mobile home. Or, you need superfast connectivity in-between a premises move.
  • You want remote access to devices such as CCTV: A static IP address can be assigned to any connection method or combination of connections out of the box.
  • You need a Pre-Ethernet solution in a few days: Save waiting weeks or months for leased line installation.

SimRush has the power to fix all of these issues for you!

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