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SimRush Essential models fulfil the need to get superfast broadband with WiFi as either a primary or secondary method of connectivity in smaller premises. Great for homes, small businesses, and for backhaul for IoT/M2M devices.

SimRush Business models are deployed where multiple SIMs are required, in physically larger premises, in medium to large businesses with many users, or in more technically complex environments (e.g. hotel guest WiFi portals).

SimRush Mobile is a cost-effective way to get internet connectivity & feature rich WiFi on-the-go from a single unit. Ideal for anything or anyone on the move or as backhaul for IoT/M2M devices.

SimRush 5G models are recommended for home, business and enterprise users who have 5G coverage at their location. They are used in 5G ready locations as either a stand-alone method of connectivity or as a superfast disaster recovery if a primary connection fails. These models are also ideal for anyone who doesn’t yet have 5G coverage but wants to get the fastest speeds possible on the 4G network.

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