What’s the difference between a Poynting antenna and a SimRush?

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A “Poynting” antenna is just a brand name, they make all types of antennae.

For LTE, they’re mainly Omni directional and of limited signal gain.  They are also only connectable via a coaxial cable which inevitably will result in signal loss over length.  The cable loss and length restriction will mean compromise on antenna location and signal capability.

SimRush does not have the cable distance restriction, it is directional with the new LHG Long Range units providing over 3 x the signal strength of even the standard SimRush unit.  Reliable connections of over 20 miles are not unheard of for extreme cases.

The SimRush range has both Omni direction and highly directional versions available. 

  • SimRush Omni = Omni directional
  • SimRush AC3 and larger systems = Directional
  • SimRush AC3 (LR) and larger systems  = Directional High Gain (Long Range)
  • SimRush Pro 5G  = Directional
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