What is the difference between Outdoor Units with CAT4, CAT6 and CAT20 modems?

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The difference is carrier aggregation. The increase in speed if the transmitter has a second carrier signal available is dramatic, potentially doubling the download speeds or more.

Our newer versions of the 4G ODU (Outdoor Unit) come with CAT6 modems and our 5G-ready ODUs come with CAT20 modems.

Modem CategoryCategory 4 ModemCategory 6 ModemCategory 20 Modem
Max Card Download (DL)150Mbit/s300Mbit/s5Gbit/s (5G NR NSA)
4.2Gbit/s (5G NR SA)
2Gbit/s (4G)
Max Card Upload (UL)50Mbit/s50Mbit/s900Mbit/s (5G NR SA)
650Mbit/s (5G NR NSA)
316Mbit/s (4G)
Carrier AggregationN/AYes – 2×2 MiMoYes – 4×4 MiMo
Antenna Gain9 dBi gain17 dBi gain6 built-in antennas upto 10dBi per element
Please note speeds are maximum theoretical speeds supported by the modem card, actual speeds will vary on local cell carrier capacity

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