What is SPanel?

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SPanel is the cloud management portal for your SimRush controller. All devices are locked down to prevent local access that could result in a misconfiguration. The only way to make changes to the system is via SPanel. 

You can see which devices are online or offline, view device serial numbers and view statistics including interface traffic graphs.

SimRush simplifies the user experience enabling changes to be easily made to local networking parameters. The portal allows you to make changes to all SimRush devices including local LAN addressing, DHCP parameters, DNS settings, port forwarding, static LAN addressing and DHCP reservations, WiFi SSIDs and Passwords, WiFi frequency settings for individual access points and duplicated or separated WiFi settings for 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks and WiFi device access control lists (including time-based blocking for Parental control).

Guest WiFi preferences can also be managed via the portal.  Additional SPanel users can also be added if required.

Find our SPanel guide here:

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