What is Social-i?

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Social-i is a cloud based guest access platform that enables easy internet access for your guests, real time customer engagement and a suite of marketing tools and reports.

Social-i gives you the opportunity to display branded login pages of your choice to guests who want to get online using your WiFi. Guests can connect using their preferred social network or a standard form and Social-i captures their details and builds your customer database. This means you can give your customers a more personalised experience by using targeted and automated marketing campaigns.

After a user has registered and logged in to the WiFi, they can receive emails or SMS promoting your products and services. Plus, links, ads, surveys, and other content can be placed in the user’s browser as they surf the internet.

Therefore, Social-i enables you to get more likes, followers and reviews and you can more easily engage with your customers by promoting your services, offers and rewards directly to them. This means you can create loyalty and drive more profits!

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