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IP and WiFi calling, cloud services, social WiFi, email and browsing, data backup, disaster recovery, remote monitoring, EPOS, credit card machines, inventory management, CCTV.

Whatever you need a broadband connection for, SimRush can do it!

SimRush operates as a stand-alone business connection meaning you can confidently replace any poor performing existing connections. However, SimRush can also be combined with fixed line, wireless and satellite internet connectivity.

By default, SimRush is designed to load-balance all connectivity as one combined service, alternatively failover or split traffic service settings can be deployed by request from our helpdesk, the preference is yours.  SimRush static Public IP address services will remain active independently of which WAN service is being utilised giving you a constant reliable inbound IP address for your internally hosted services (e.g. CCTV).

If you think SimRush will work for you, get in touch!

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