What are the main features of SimRush?

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  • SimRush is the only enterprise-grade 4G LTE/5G NR connectivity product which works in geographic areas with zero mobile phone signal.
  • Incredible speeds both up and down (Theoretical maximum of 1 Gbps download speeds and 650 Mbps Upload speeds using SimRush 5G).
  • Secure cloud-controlled hardware.
  • Carrier independent static public IP addressing is available.
  • Bespoke configuration options such as automatic failover and content filtering ensure it can be tailored to fit exact business needs.
  • As it does not rely on a phone line, SimRush can be moved along with you when you move!
  • Stateful inspection firewall.
  • SimRush can support the use of VoIP, WiFi calling, cloud services, guest WiFi, email and browsing. It’s also great for disaster recovery, remote monitoring, EPOS systems, credit card machines, inventory management and CCTV.
  • Low latency equivalent to fibre broadband.
  • Additional SimRush hardware enables you to extend the WiFi connection throughout your property for full coverage.
  • Automatic built in 4G LTE backup included as part of SimRush 5G.

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