What are the key features of Social-i?

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The main features of Social-i are:

  • Guest access to the internet from a portal branded with your company logo, promotions and localised content.
  • Bespoke branded portals for specific events, sites or zones to deliver highly tailored content.
  • Detailed analytics and reports about WiFi users including demographics, frequency of visits, and type of internet access.
  • WiFi made easy; customers can login without the need for a captive portal. It’s just like WiFi at home.
  • A robust WiFi infrastructure designed to handle peaks and troughs in usage.
  • Control over charges for WiFi and any limits required on duration and bandwidth.
  • Full integration with your Property Management System, CRM and email marketing platforms.
  • A way for visitors to log in using their favourite social network, traditional form or membership number.
  • Full compliance with European legislation on lawful Intercept, ensuring you are not liable should illegal activity be carried out by guests on your network.
  • Gain user consent in compliance with GDPR.
  • Quizzes and Surveys
  • Export tools

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