What are the benefits of using SimRush?

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Benefit Overview:

  • Superfast internet connectivity – even in areas where there is no mobile phone signal.
  • Secure guest WiFi option – share your WiFi without sharing your data.
  • Cloud manage your devices – saving time & hassle, it all works magically!
  • Well suited to temporary or mobile connectivity situations.
  • Control your router & network from anywhere at anytime.
  • Professional installation ensures hardware is positioned in the optimal place to receive the best 4G signal and deliver faster speeds.
  • Superfast internet failover solution – SimRush can combine with other types of connection to act as a failover or boost your speed.
  • WPS is disabled, ensuring your WiFi is secure and reduces rick of unauthorised access.
  • Cost effective data packages for all budgets.
  • Get a Static IP address without needing a fixed IP SIM card. You’ll save so much money!
  • Low latency – Say goodbye to lag when file transferring, checking your email, video conferencing or streaming.
  • Expandable WiFi for full coverage with SimRush centrally managed add on WiFi access points and network switches.

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