What is SPanel?

SPanel is the cloud management portal for your SimRush controller. All devices are locked down to prevent local access that could result in a misconfiguration. The only way to make changes to the system is via SPanel.  You can see which devices are online or offline, view device serial numbers and view statistics including interface …

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What can I do with SPanel?

The current functions of SPanel are: Client & Site management LAN IP Address range change DHCP server settings, including DNS DHCP leases DHCP lease reservations Port forwarding Central Wireless Controller Wireless SSIDs for 2.4ghz and 5ghz Wireless WPA2 security key Check online status Block WiFi devices Time block WiFi devices View connected and disconnected WiFi …

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What is included in a SimRush product bundle?

A SimRush product bundle is comprised of:  1. SPanel Customer Portal.2. SimRush Outdoor Unit. (ODU)3. SimRush Controller. You can add extra SimRush WiFi devices if you need to extend the WiFi throughout your premises.