Does SimRush need line of sight?

No, it does not require line of sight. But where possible it is preferred. The mobile network works differently to WiFi as it is a lower frequency (between 700MHz and 2100MHz) which means it can penetrate through obstacles better than conventional WiFi. For best results having a clear path between the Outdoor unit and the …

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Can I see signal strength and SINR information?

From the SimRush controller, if you browse to this will bring you to the ODU1. The login information is: username: installerpassword: left blank Once you’re in the unit, you’ll the see the main status page which will give you information on signal strengths.

What is SimRush?

SimRush is a combined hardware and software solution that provides 4G LTE/5G internet and a cloud managed Wireless firewall router for businesses or homes that are unable to access high speed broadband by fixed line, or other traditional methods.  The externally mounted high gain outdoor router acquires a reliable, strong signal from 4G/5G carrier networks, …

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Why is SimRush better than alternatives such as satellite and wireless?

Speed SimRush has superior low latency (20-30ms) equivalent to fibre broadband enabling VoIP services to work reliably and web pages to load quickly. Reliability SimRush offers faster download and upload speeds than traditional satellite* and wireless broadband whilst also providing a much more reliable service as it is not impacted by the weather and does …

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