Does SimRush hardware need mains power?

The SimRush Controller needs mains power. The Outdoor Unit (ODU) will be powered by PoE from the Controller. Any additional access points you purchase can be powered by PoE injectors which we supply with the hardware. Additional access points can also be powered by a PoE switch if you have structured cabling. Needs an image

Is there a minimum speed you guarantee at set up?

We cannot guarantee minimum speeds as the speed you can achieve is dependent on the carrier network. SimRush is a broadband service so you may sometimes see a fluctuation, but the carriers are, in our experience, very stable.

Is SimRush compatible with 5G?

Our newest SimRush models the SimRush Pro 5G and Pro WiFi 5G are both 5G compatible. Who is SimRush 5G ideal for? With theoretical maximum speeds of up to 1Gbps (dependent on operational environment), the SimRush 5G range is an excellent choice for business broadband. It’s perfect for anyone who… Is based in an area …

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What are the main features of SimRush?

SimRush is the only enterprise-grade 4G LTE/5G NR connectivity product which works in geographic areas with zero mobile phone signal. Incredible speeds both up and down (Theoretical maximum of 1 Gbps download speeds and 650 Mbps Upload speeds using SimRush 5G). Secure cloud-controlled hardware. Carrier independent static public IP addressing is available. Bespoke configuration options …

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Which hardware range is right for me?

SimRush Essential models fulfil the need to get superfast broadband with WiFi as either a primary or secondary method of connectivity in smaller premises. Great for homes, small businesses, and for backhaul for IoT/M2M devices. SimRush Business models are deployed where multiple SIMs are required, in physically larger premises, in medium to large businesses with …

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