What is SimRush?

SimRush is a combined hardware and software solution that provides 4G LTE/5G internet and a cloud managed Wireless firewall router for businesses or homes that are unable to access high speed broadband by fixed line, or other traditional methods.  The externally mounted high gain outdoor router acquires a reliable, strong signal from 4G/5G carrier networks, …

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Why does my business need failover?

If keeping your business online is essential, then failover is essential too. Think about all the systems used in your business that require an internet connection. Things like cloud computing systems, VPN’s, firewalls, video conferencing, research, communicating with your customers via email or VoIP. Maybe you need to use a credit card machine such as …

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What is Failover?

Failover is typically regarded as a secondary standby system which will kick into action as soon as the primary system fails. Failover is usually automatic. Another term often used is Switchover which is used when the switch from the primary to secondary system requires human interference.