Data usage

How much data does a card machine use?

Based on research from various card payment providers such as SumUp, iZettle and Square, data use is about 10kb for each completed transaction (source).

How much data does CCTV use?

Monitoring 1-2 times a day = 2-3Gb/month Monitoring in non working hours = 3-5Gb/month Monitor Alarms (activated 60-200 times/month = 5-10Gb/month These are only estimates and you should contact your own camera or DVR manufacturer to determine how much bandwidth you will use for live streaming and for downloading images and videos. Your SimRush router …

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How do I know how much data I need?

If you already have an internet connection at your premises, contact your existing provider who will be able to tell you how much data each month you are currently using, this is also known as your usage which you may find on your bill or broadband online account.