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The SimRush Pro & SimRush Pro WiFi is an indoor controller / router for your network. This model can support up to 2 Outdoor units
(Note that the Pro model does not have built-in WiFi, additional hardware required).
It is pre-configured out of the box and managed through the SimRush web portal SPanel.  To get online, simply plug in your SimRush Outdoor unit (ODU) as instructed below.


Indoor Unit (Controller)

1 – Connect the ethernet cable to Ethernet Port 10 for ODU1, Ethernet Port 9 for ODU2 (far right ports – Highlighted in GREEN)

2 – Connect the Controller to the power adaptor supplied (24v 2.5a DC)

3 – Connect your PC to the LAN (Highlighted in ORANGE)
a. Ethernet port 2 and SFP
b. The Pro model does not have a Wireless card, additional SimRush wireless hardware will automatically connect to the controller and broadcast – Default wireless is “SimRush-xxxxxx” and the Serial number as the password, e.g AABBCC112233 – Serial number is located on the box or back of the controller, all characters before the “/123”

4 – To make changes to the LAN address or Wireless settings, please visit SPanel:

5 – (OPTIONAL) Connect your alternative broadband to utilise the built-in Load-Balancing feature, connect Ethernet Port1 ( Highlighted in RED ) to your alternative broadband network. 
Please ensure your alternative broadband router is providing the following network via DHCP:  Gateway: , Subnet:

Outdoor Unit (ODU)

Please see the following guides depending on your ODU type:
ODU Guide
ODU Long Range Guide

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