SimRush Pro Cable Guide with Existing Broadband Router

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Port 1 – Connect this to the Existing Router on the LAN (so the SimRush can use this as a second path to the internet)
Ports 2-8 – This is the LAN of the SimRush
Port 9 – Leave empty (As this is designed for a 2nd Outdoor 4G / 5G Unit * )
Port 10 – This connects to the Outdoor 4G / 5G Unit*

*N.B. – Both Port 9 and Port 10 are capable of connecting to any one of the Outdoor units we offer (e.g. ODU, ODU-LR and ODU 5G).

To use the ODU-5G on port 10, a 48v Power Supply upgrade would be required for the router to output the correct voltage.

Cable Diagram

In this example, a H1 switch is also being used to power a further three SimRush Access Points.

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