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The SimRush Omni is an indoor & outdoor controller / router for your network. It combines the Indoor and Outdoor unit all in one.

It is pre-configured out of the box and managed through the SimRush web portal SPanel.  To get online, simply plug in power to your SimRush Omni as instructed below.


1 – Connect the power cable to the unit.

a. Option 1 – Using the provided 24v 1.2a power pack, plug this into the round power socket.

b. Option 2 – Using the provided Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector connect this into the Ethernet socket far left port.

2 – Connect your PC to the LAN

a. Ethernet port 1 or 2
b. Wireless – Default wireless is “SimRush-xxxxxx” and the Serial number as the password, e.g AABBCC112233 – Serial number is located on the box or back of the controller. It is all the characters before the “/123”.

3 – To make changes to the LAN address or Wireless settings, please visit SPanel: 

How to change the APN settings & check SIM/Carrier status information

1 – Ensure you are connected to the SimRush Controller via Ethernet or WiFi. 

2 – Using a browser, browse to 
Login details: Username: installer , Password: blank (there is no password set).

Further information about the Outdoor unit settings can be found on the SimRush FAQ’s section of the SimRush website: 

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