Pre-Requisites for the Installer for a SimRush installation

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Things to check before an installation:

  • Has the hardware arrived?
  • Is the correct hardware in the box?
    • Check the delivery note and serial numbers.
    • Make a note of the serial number for each unit – do not mix these up!
    • If there are multiple Outdoor Units (ODUs), make sure you’ve identified cabling for multiple ODUs (e.g. ODU 1 = cable No.1, ODU 2 = cable No. 2).
    • Data SIM – give the client the data SIM packaging. The label has the SIM telephone number on it. Make sure the correct data SIM is put in the corresponding ODU if there are multiple ODUs involved.

You will use CAT5e External grade shielded cable. This can be run 40m Max.

  • If the cable run needs to be up to 95m, a PoE injector must be fitted at or before 40m from the ODU.

Tools & Equipment you will need:

  • RJ45 plugs (Do not use booted plugs outdoors)
  • Internal Backbox and Faceplate
  • Ethernet Testing Equipment
    • Crimpling Tools, Krone Tools etc.
  • Internal Patch Cable, CAT5e/6, 2-3m length
  • Survey instructions (only if a survey has taken place prior to installation)
  • Any additional bracketry
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