Quick Start Guide – ODU 2nd Generation (LTE6)

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The SimRush ODU is the External element to the SimRush System which houses the carrier SIM card and LTE modem.
It is pre-configured out of the box and managed through the SimRush web portal SPanel. To get online, simply plug in your SimRush Outdoor unit (ODU) into your SimRush Controller (IDU) as instructed below.

Use the following steps to access the Outdoor unit to make changes to APN settings or check SIM/Carrier status information:


1 – Carefully open hatch of the ODU

a. Connect the external grade ethernet cable into Ethernet Port 1 (left side) and plug the other end into your SimRush controller – as per your SimRush Controller Quick Start Guide.

b. The pre-installed SIM should be in the Right SIM holder (SIM Slot A). The left SIM holder located under the ethernet Port 1 is not required when using an unlimited SIM – this slot is known as SIM Slot B.

c. Close the hatch and ensure that it has “clicked” shut to prevent the hatch from opening.

2 – Ensure you are connected to the SimRush Controller via Ethernet or WiFi.

3 – Using a browser, browse to
Login details are, Username: installer , Password: blank (There is no password set)

Further information about the Outdoor unit settings can be found on the SimRush FAQ’s section of the SimRush website: 

Once connected to the local mast, you can manage your SimRush controller as follows:

1 – To make changes to the LAN address or Wireless settings, please visit SPanel:

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