My current broadband is reliable but my upload speed is poor. Can I use SimRush to improve my upload speed?

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Yes, SimRush can help improve your current upload speeds in this situation.

How does this work?

We can connect your existing broadband connection to the SimRush Controller via AUX port 1. The two WAN connections will load balance, as per standard SimRush configuration. If either connection fails, it will divert and push traffic through the one working link, providing full fault tolerance.

When load balanced, the two routes will alternate in being the active path for the upload traffic. It will be completely random as to which route is chosen. Therefore, in order to really see the benefit of the faster upload speeds provided by the SimRush 4G or 5G connection we can set up traffic shaping rules.

These rules will ensure that the upload traffic will always go via the preferred route – the SimRush!

To set the rules up, we will need to identify either a consistent destination for the upload traffic or a consistent source of the traffic. For example, you may always upload to a particular website or office or you may always upload files from the same local PC. Either way, this gives us a specific reference point to use to configure the traffic shaping rules and ensure we divert the upload traffic to the 4G or 5G route.

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