Is SimRush compatible with 5G?

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Our newest SimRush models the SimRush Pro 5G and Pro WiFi 5G are both 5G compatible.

Who is SimRush 5G ideal for?

With theoretical maximum speeds of up to 1Gbps (dependent on operational environment), the SimRush 5G range is an excellent choice for business broadband.

It’s perfect for anyone who…

  • Is based in an area with increased congestion on the 4G network
  • Wants a leased line but wants to avoid the associated installation and ongoing costs
  • Is based in a major city or town but has slow fixed line broadband
  • Wants the latest technology available for their business or home
  • Needs high-speed remote access to their network and devices

Please find our 5G brochure with further details of the key features and benefits here:

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