How to get the best ODU placement?

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Factors to consider when choosing ODU location:

  • Customer’s indoor router placement
    • 40m max cable run to Indoor Unit or PoE injector
    • Get as much height as you can
  • Avoid obstacles, get best line of sight
    • Obstacles: buildings, walls, rooflines, metal, double glazing
    • Is there two chimneys? Pick the one closest to the signal
  • Think about: height, reflections, obstructions

Tips for ODU installation:

  • Use only SIM A slot
    • Ensure the SIM is sprung into place properly
  • Use Eth 1 only for uplink cable, Do not use booted RJ45
  • Use the signal strength indicators, which are the green LED lights on the unit
  • Ensure the ODU door is closed and clicks into place


There are a couple of mobile phone apps that can assist with alignment by giving you an indication where to point the ODU:

  1. Open Signal – Use the ‘coverage’ tab
  2. Network Cell Info Lite – Use the ‘MAP’ tab

NB: You must be using a mobile phone with the same data carrier as the ODU. These apps provide a guide only.

First Alignment

  • Connect the ODU to the Controller
  • Check all compass points first and then begin to narrow down the optimum direction for signal
  • Rotate slowly and pause for five seconds
  • Find peak LED lights, then locate half way between the next best signal lights
  • Login to the WiFi from the SimRush controller
    • The SSID is unique, “SimRush-xxxxxx”
    • The password is the Controller Serial No.
    • It is case sensitive, use CAPS
    • Use only the digits before the “/”

Fine adjustment

  • Once WiFi is connected, web browse to:
    • The screen on the right will appear in your browser with live graphs
    • You will need a laptop or WiFi AP for installing a SimRush Power or SimRush Core as there is no WiFi provided by these Controllers.
  • Further detail is available by logging into the ODU
    • If you want to see the associated mast info then login
      • Username: installer (all lower case)
      • Password: Leave blank
    • Rotate slowly and pause for 5 seconds
    • SINR is the key indicator to watch, this needs to be as high as possible.
      • The higher the SINR level the better the service
      • A minimum of “+5” is required

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