Do I need a Static Public IP?

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Sometimes you need a static public IP address in order to remotely access equipment on your network from outside of your premises.

The main reasons for a Static IP are:

  • Viewing CCTV equipment
  • Email Servers
  • Data Drives
  • A Virtual Private Network (VPN service)
  • SD-WAN service

With most wired internet connections you are provided with a public IP address, but this isn’t always static. Quite often it’s dynamic and is changed on a regular basis by your provider unless you pay extra to have it fixed and static.  This means that every time you think you know the address for your remote access, it’s been changed and you have to find out what your IP address is all over again.  Dynamic DNS services help with this on fixed wire services, but they don’t work on 4G access network for good reason.

4G networks add another layer of complexity by hiding your connection behind another gateway using a process called NAT, Network Address Translation. The 4G network operator masquerades your 4G connection through various gateways before your access reaches the internet.  NAT works by aggregating lots of end customers IP address through a single IP Address at a gateway router. 

Traffic is recorded into a NAT table by the gateway automatically so that requested data from the internet has a return path to follow to present the data back to the correct requesting customer.  However, traffic originating from outside of the carrier’s network does not have a corresponding record in the NAT table to follow so therefore doesn’t know how to get to the end client.

The network operators also employ firewall services of their own to prevent external access originating from the outside of their network reaching your equipment, making your given IP address impossible to reach.

What’s different about the SimRush Static IP?

SimRush is able to circumvent these problems with a solution which is really clever.  

A SimRush Public IP Address comes from the FreeClix datacentre based in the UK.  This address is presented directly to the SimRush Controller, your indoor primary router & firewall.  Because the IP address is presented here it is independent of the external links to the internet that the SimRush controller will have utilised in order to reach the public internet.  This can be one of many SimRush outdoor units (ODUs) that may have been added to the system to raise the monthly data capacity, or it may be from an auxiliary data source like a broadband, satellite or leased line connection available at your premises. 

The SimRush Public IP Address re-establishes itself over any connection remaining a constant Static Public IP Address that can be reached from anywhere in the world.  No more guesswork when it comes to what your IP address is when you want to remotely access your network.

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