Can I use my own router behind SimRush?

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If you want to use your own router behind the SimRush you can, but you will be bypassing some of the key services offered by the SimRush controller equipment.

Having another router, such as a Draytek, behind the SimRush is not the recommended method for connecting failover networks.  The SimRush is specially designed to handle failover or loadbalancing out of the box and has sophisticated route testing to ensure traffic is using a properly connected path to the internet.  

In addition, the load balancing maintains SSL traffic on first open path to end servers, preventing fraud protection issues with provider’s services.  The best way to connect a failover auxiliary broadband service onsite is to let the SimRush handle it rather than the existing router.

To benefit from the failover and load balancing services, the FTTC or broadband modem needs to be connected to the SimRush auxiliary ethernet port, AUX1 (Ether1 in most cases).  This places the broadband router on the outside of the SimRush controller and not the inside.  This is sometimes difficult to separate as the existing firewall may well be providing other services like VLANs, VPN, etc. which need to be on the inside of the network.

The solution is to install a simple FTTC modem on the outside of the SimRush controller on AUX1 and leave the Draytek (or alternative firewall) on the inside with a single WAN connection running to the SimRush LAN port.  This will mean additional expense for the installation if you do not have a spare basic FTTC modem/router, but they are cheap to buy.

If you purchase a SimRush Public IP address, which is independent to the SIM – we can port forward all traffic to another router beyond the SimRush.

However, it is generally best to have everything on the SimRush controller if possible.

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