Can I have a Static Public IP?

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Yes, our Static Public IP service is available as an additonal service for all SimRush customers.

What is a SimRush static IP address?

A SimRush public IP Address comes from our datacentre based in the UK and enables you to remotely access equipment on your network from outside of your premises.

Unlike other solutions that simply provide static IP SIM cards, SimRush uses its own 4G or 5G connection to provide an IP. It can also use any combination of the auxiliary connections you are using at your location such as broadband, satellite or a leased line.

This address is presented directly to the SimRush Controller, your indoor primary broadband router & firewall. Because the IP address is presented here, it is independent of the external links to the internet that the SimRush Controller will have used to reach the public internet. It will remain constant regardless of the connection you are on.

What can a SimRush static IP address be used for?

Connecting to your network to view…

  • CCTV equipment
  • An email server
  • Data drives
  • A virtual private network (VPN service)
  • SD-WAN services 

It can also be used to allow for port forwarding, connection monitoring or a VoIP digital phone service.

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