Can I feed an ADSL line into my controller for failover?

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Port 1 on all SimRush Controllers is designed to accept a DHCP from an existing router on site.

Having an existing broadband router connected to this port will give the SimRush Controller a 2nd path out to the internet. The default configuration is load balancing the two connections but it can also be configured to have the existing broadband connection as automatic failover.

This way you can have the SimRush Controller as the primary network connection and the existing broadband as backup to add extra network resilience to your set up .

SimRush Pro Example

The existing ADSL2+ / VDSL (FTTC) router LAN gets connected to Port 1 on the SimRush Pro and then your ODU1 gets connected to Port 10 (which is also PoE-Out to power the ODU).

Then your LAN would be between Ports 2 and 8 with Port 9 spare for a 2nd ODU if required.

With this particular router you can utilise a SimRush 5G Outdoor unit on Port 10 (n.b. Controller requires the 48v power pack upgrade to support 48v PoE out on Port 10) and then have a 2nd 4G ODU on Port 9 (powered separately).

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